Hello everyone and welcome on my website!! My name is Daria Bahrin and I consider myself an ambitious person, with my head in the clouds, who likes to live life at full intensity. Music helped me to become a sensible human and at the same time I discovered myself. Since I was a child, more precisely since I was 4 years old, music has always been an escape for me from the chaos of life. “If we hadn’t a soul, the music wouldn’t exist as we know it today”, a quote that speaks to my thoughts. With this quote you will realize what kind of person I am and what it meant to me the secrets of music. And now, we go back in time, exactly since I started to sing.

I was born in 2003, in Iasi. I lived right next to “Palace of Children”, the place where I spent most of my time. I call it a second house full of memories. I thank my mother for that decision who changed my life in the best possible way. I didn’t have a childhood because I have been totally involved into in what it means to be an artist. The kid’s stuff morphed in a life style. Until now, I have breathed, lived and given meaning to my life through the art of music. When I’m on stage I’m trapped in the universe I created full of color, soul vibration and love!! Thanks to her I have refined my character, I have increased my positive emotions and especially, the pleasure of empathizing with people.

Recently, I managed to create, together with Andrei, my own YouTube page where you can find all the covers from the beginning of my collaboration with him. I put a lot of soul and I interpreted each song in the most beautiful and warm way to charge you only with positive moods and constructive emotions. I greatly appreciate your effort and your unconditional support. It gives me confidence and a lot of growth in what I want to do in the future!!

Stay with me to follow all my activity and I assure you that you will not be disappointed! The music will always remain a language of passion!! Thank you for your good vibes that you send to me!!! Love you so much!