Who am I? This question haunts me every day. Am I a good person? What do others think of me?

I think each of us, at some point, looked in the mirror and asked ourselves: Who am I really? But many of us have not received a concrete answer. The only person who has to answer this question is you. we learn that everyone is special in their own way, and people who do not appreciate us for who we are, in turn, have these perplexities about their own personality.

I was a child looking for an answer to these questions. I was dependent on the opinion of others and I wanted everyone to accept me. The fact that I was a conscientious child and always learning was wrong. The way I dressed aroused many comments. My childhood was a beautiful one, but there were also things that discouraged me. Going over all these less good things, I can say that the thing that changed my life was the music. It helped me discover my true personality and it made me understand that no matter how many evils there are, I have to be strong. For me, music is not just a passion, but a way for me to get to know myself. Now I think you’re wondering who Beatrice really is? Beatrice is a sensitive girl, who is charged with the positive energy of people and always tries to create a connection with those around her. Beatrice is a girl who likes school (even if sometimes she doesn’t admit it), is self-confident and loves her friends and her family. In time I learned that life is full of obstacles, but with a lot of courage and confidence I will always be able to choose the right path. Now that you have found out who Beatrice is, I can tell you that the only secret is to be yourself and do everything it makes you the happiest. Don’t forget that the people around you will love you for who you are and if they really care about you, they will support you in any situation.

Listen to your heart and don’t forget: You can change the world.